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Embrace Innovation

An Institutional grade and blockchain-focused fund management company.

Event Horizon Capital provides access to an actively-managed 

portfolio of publicly-traded digital assets for sophisticated investors. Our expertly researched and diversified portfolio is the result of our team's extensive industry knowledge, experience, and strategic partnerships.

Competitive Advantage

Event Horizon Capital’s founding partners and advisors share over three decades of experience in the digital asset sector. With cryptocurrency markets being one of the most dynamic markets in the world, our agile and active management provides the flexibility required for swift, decisive action.


In partnership with CryptoEQ, one of the sector’s top providers for deep research and market insights, we maintain exclusive access to proprietary systems for fundamental and technical analysis. Our discretionary strategy is designed to combine these proprietary systems – deep research drives the selection of the highest quality fund constituents and trading algorithms drive the quantitative analysis of markets


More than three 
decades of industry 


Actively managed to adjust for inherent market risk associated with digital assets


Trading algorithms drive quantitative analysis for top performance.


Research partnerships allow for thorough market insight to drive asset selection.

Partners and Affiliates

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Join us to gain exposure to a professionally managed suite of funds in the digital asset space.

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